Docs: Pasztor a loving, yet paranoid, mother

More delving into documents released on the case of a Fort Wayne woman who admitted to smothering her two children reveal a mother who seemingly loved her kids but was also unable to care for them.

The Indiana Department of Child Services released a number of reports on Amber Pasztor last week. She’s accused of kidnapping 6-year-old Rene Pasztor and 7-year-old Liliana Hernandez from her father and stepmother, whom had custody of the children, and smothering them. She’s also accused of the shooting death of her neighbor, 66-year-old Frank Macomber, but not formally charged in his death. She has admitted to both crimes.

(Photo Supplied/Allen County Sheriff)

The Journal Gazette reports the documents show Pasztor had problems with drugs and an abusive boyfriend that led to losing custody of the kids, which led to behavioral problems with both Rene and Liliana. But Pasztor made attempts to straighten up and get her kids back, attending SCAN counseling with her children and displaying a protective side while being quick to praise them.

However, that protective side led to paranoia, as documents show she threatened her stepmother, started attending fewer counseling sessions, and told DCS workers she didn’t like people, while also complaining of a mental health issue.

She also told police she murdered the children because she thought a drug cartel was going to do the same.

After she confessed to the killings last September, her attorneys have claimed that issue she complained about was what led to the crime, pointing out she has bipolar disorder on top of years of drug abuse. Her next court hearing is March 16th.