Documents: Elkhart woman sets fire to own house because she was angry at neighbors

Anger over her upstairs neighbors led to arson charges for an Elkhart woman.

Doris Quinn was sick and tired of her loud, drug-using neighbors upstairs and, while under the influence of drugs and alcohol herself, set fire to her own apartment to try and get back at her neighbors and landlord, according to the Elkhart Truth and court documents.

The fire broke out in the 1200 block of Prairie St. in Elkhart on July 5 at a two story house that had been converted into two apartments. No injuries were reported and firefighters were able to put out the fire quickly. Firefighters afterwards found multiple spots where the fire started, according to court documents.

Quinn later admitted to using cocaine the day before and drinking alcohol that day. She couldn’t remember many specifics about what happened, but she was so upset with her living situation, she started drinking and using drugs herself, according to court documents.

She was upset that the landlord had done nothing to stop the problem. The landlord reportedly talked to the upstairs neighbors, who denied any wrongdoing, according to court documents.

Quinn is in the Elkhart County Correctional Facility on $25,000 bond. She’s facing up to 12 years in prison if convicted on her Level 4 felony charge of arson.