Dodson Faces Criminal Charges that Stem from Shooting in Plymouth

ISP Press Release – Lane G. Dodson, 33, the Plymouth man who was shot by police last December in the K-Mart Parking lot in Plymouth, now faces several felony charges, including attempted murder.  Dodson turned himself in to state police officials at the Marshall County Jail this morning after he was contacted by police and informed that he had a warrant for his arrest.  Dodson has been placed on house arrest in a Kosciusko County home due to his current health condition and medical needs.

The armed confrontation from last December 29th, 2014 between Dodson and police developed after a state trooper stopped Dodson for questioning from an earlier battery call that he was allegedly involved with.

A state trooper and a Plymouth Police officer both spoke with Dodson at the driver’s side window of his van.  Dodson was shot by police after he raised a hand gun toward the officers and shot in their direction. Both officers opened fire hitting Dodson multiple times.  

Dodson spent several weeks under medical care in South Bend and Indianapolis due to injuries he sustained in the shooting and has just recently been released from hospital care.  The state police have been monitoring his whereabouts and activity since his release in late February.

The Indiana State Police and the Marshall County Prosecutors office have been working closely since the shooting.  Dodson faces the most serious charge of attempted murder, along with two counts of domestic battery, one count of battery and one count of intimidation with a deadly weapon.