Do’s and Don’ts of Pricing Items for Garage Sales

If you want to sell items successfully, you have to make sure they’re priced right! As you prepare for the Great American Garage Sale this Saturday June 23, we’ve got the tips & tricks to make sure your items are priced to sell.

DO: Plan your prices in advance and label each item with your desired purchase price.

DON’T: Put stickers on the front of anything collectible, like a rare magazine, comic book, or album.

DO: Use color-coded stickers if multiple families are selling from your booth so you don’t lose track of who should be paid.

DON’T: Create a complicated pricing system that you will have to explain to each customer.

When it comes to pricing, try to forget sentimental value and stick to what people in your area would actually pay for an item. Here are some basics:

  • Adult clothes- $3-5 for used, a little more if new
  • Baby clothes- $1-3 for gently used
  • Coats- $5-15
  • Costume Jewelry- 50 cents to $2
  • Books- 25 cents to $2
  • DVDs and Blu-Rays- $3-5
  • Vinyl Records- $2-5
  • Toys and Games- $1-5
  • Dishware- $1-3 per piece or $10-15 for a set

There are also some hard to price items. Kitchen appliances, electronics, and furniture fit into this category. Try to keep in mind what type of buyer you’re trying to attract– an antiques collector, a college student looking for something for their dorm, or something in between. Be prepared for buyers to haggle with you for these items– but if you are firm on your price, be sure to mark it that way on the price tag.

Once you have your pricing prepared, we will see you at the Great American Garage Sale Saturday June 23 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. All booths are 10 x 10 and there are still spaces available, register for yours at