Eight WCHS Students Rewarded for Self-Reliance

The Warsaw Rotary Club and INGAURD awarded eight Warsaw Community High School students with the Self-Reliance Award on Wednesday.


Shelby Stone, Oxciel Sanchez, Alpha Mejia, Javier Sanchez, Tiffany Koser, Camille Kerlin, Isabel Heiden, and Nicholas DiVicarro, all from WCHS, were honored, along with friends and family at Wednesday’s luncheon.


The $1000 reward recognizes students who have persevered through difficult situations in their lives and are on track to receive their high school diploma.


Members of the selection committee look at the student’s contributions to family, church, school, community service or employment when choosing the recipients. 


All of the students awarded established high, but attainable goals and then applied themselves toward achieving those goals through self-reliance.

  (Also Pictured Is INGUARD's Emerson Poort & Warsaw Rotary's Jennifer Cobb)