Elkhart Man Charged With Killing Pet Dog

An Elkhart man has been charged with killing a pet dog while breaking up what he said was a fight with his cat. It was back in July when 33-year-old Tad Larson called the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department saying he had broken up a fight between a relative’s dog and his cat. The cat was killed in the fight and the dog was dead when deputies arrived. Larson told deputies he was not trying to harm the dog, only save his cat.

The dog’s owner told deputies that Larson had threatened the animal after it injured his cat earlier in the summer. The Elkhart Truth reports Larson later admitted the dog had bit him while he was trying to separate the animals and he broke its neck and held it till it stopped moving. Larson was arrested on a warrant for killing a domestic animal and booked in the Elkhart County Jail on 3-thousand dollars bond.