Elkhart officer bitten during arrest at new Dunkin Donuts

Two women were arrested after a disturbance outside of the Elkhart Dunkin Donuts, and it resulted in an officer being bitten.

The Elkhart Police Department responded to a call at the new donut shop on North Nappanee Street around 9:40 a.m. Tuesday, according to The Elkhart Truth.

Employees said a woman, there with a man, had attempted to pay for their breakfast with counterfeit money. Another woman became involved and resisted arrest before being tazed.

While being tazed, she attempted to grab the tazer and was shot with it a second time. She bit one of the officers on the arm during the ensuing scuffle.

Both women were arrested on drug charges and no charges have yet been made for the alleged counterfeit money, which is still being investigated.

The bitten officer was treated and released.