Elkhart Residents to Pay Fines for Tall Grass

If Elkhart homeowners don’t keep their lawns trimmed, they could end up cutting $250 to the city.

If city officials see a lawn with grass or weeds longer than 8 inches, they’ll place a bright yellow sticker on the door of the house, directing the homeowner to mow within 48 hours. If the sticker is ignored, homeowners could be charged as much as 250 for the city to deal with the lawn. 

Elkhart's community project coordinator tells The Elkhart Truth grass growing each spring, summer and fall has been happening since Moses walked the earth so people know it's going to happen and should take care of their properties. 

In South Bend, a proposal to raise the fine to 300 dollars for a second complaint about grass 9 inches or more may be debated later this month.