Elkhart woman sentenced to 16 years in prison for neglect of Nappanee boy

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Jammy Stacy will spend the next 16 years in prison for her role in the neglect of a Nappanee 2-year-old.

Stacy, 43, of Elkhart, was convicted of Level 3 felony neglect of a dependant resulting in serious bodily injury by a jury Aug. 6. She appeared before Kosciusko Superior Court I Judge David Cates Monday and was sentenced to 16 years in the Indiana Department of Corrections – the maximum sentence punishable for a Level 3 felony.

Cates agreed with Kosciusko County Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Brad Voelz when Voelz said the maximum sentence is meant for the worst of the worst, and this is it.

The sentencing is the third in the five-person case stemming from a March 2, 2018, report of a 2-year-old boy named Vincent being severely abused and injured with broken bones literally from head to toe, bleeding on his brain and severe malnutrition that caused his body to grow facial hair in reaction.

Rune Springer, the boy’s mother, and Travis Tillotson, the boy’s stepfather, were both convicted of Level 6 felony neglect of a dependent earlier this year through plea agreements. They were sentenced to time served and probation, respectively.

Springer – who by all admissions was unfit to be a mother – had dropped Vincent off into the care of Stacy in October 2017 at Stacy’s Etna Green trailer home. On March 2, 2018, Stacy and Stacy’s mother, Annette Priestley, 60, of White Pigeon, Mich., showed up at Springer’s Nappanee home and dropped Vincent off, telling Springer to not call police otherwise they’re “all going to jail.”

Springer and Tillotson waited nearly 24 hours before calling for help, which is why prosecutors charged them with the Level 6 neglect. Police determined that neither Springer nor Tillotson caused the injuries to Vincent.

Vincent spent a week in the intensive care unit at Parkview Regional Medical Center in Fort Wayne where he was treated for malnutrition. Today, he is adopted and doing well, according to court testimony, despite having permanent facial disfigurement and still being unable to lift his arms above his shoulders.

Stacy contended throughout the trial that she would have gotten Vincent medical help for the injuries he sustained under her watch for five months if he had been her child. She claimed ignorance as to being able to take him to a hospital since she wasn’t the legal guardian.

Videos played throughout Stacy’s July jury trial showed Stacy berating the severely injured boy, mostly taunting him.

In court Monday, Voelz said that a drug screen on Stacy from March 5, 2018, showed Stacy had methamphetamines in her system.

Voelz also said this case was a case of an ongoing crime.

“If the question is when did Jammy Stacy neglect Vincent, the answer is every single day,” Voelz said. “This was not passive ignorance. … This was intentional cruelty. … This is the worst of the worst. The maximum sentence of 16 years is justified, and it’s just.”

Cates also heard from Sarah Marsh, a paramedic with Nappanee EMS who was one of the first responders on March 2, 2018. Marsh asked for Cates to sentence Stacy to more than the nine-year advisory and said she still suffers from depression after responding to the scene that day and seeing the condition of Vincent.

As for Stacy’s family, they stood up for her Monday and told the judge she’s a really nice person who is being wronged and getting a raw deal.

At least two of those family members will have thier own days in court.

Stacy’s mother, Annette Priestley, 60, of White Pigeon, Mich., is facing the same Level 3 neglect charge and has a 2-1/2 day jury trial scheduled to commence Jan. 18 in Kosciusko Superior Court I.

Stacy’s aunt, Fayette Robinette, 60, of 9462 N. Ind. 19, lot 24, Etna Green, also is facing the same Level 3 neglect charge and has a two-day jury trial starting Oct. 13 in Kosciusko Superior Court I.

“This child has continuing and likely what I heard, permanent, injuries,” Cates told Stacy Monday. “And you had a daily opportunity for a period of months to help this child, and you did not do it.”