Etna Green Food Pantry Open To Help Those In Need

Pictured is the Etna Community Food Pantry. It had its grand opening Saturday. Photo by Jackie Gorski, Times-Union

ETNA GREEN – The Etna Community Food Pantry is now available to help people in need of food after holding its grand opening Saturday.

Cindy Hanes said she and Janelle Schmucker have been wanting to put together the food pantry for a long time. Josh Hartzell, of Etna Elevator, was able to get Hanes and Schmucker together and they “all had a big meeting” and decided to open the food pantry in the parking lot at Etna Elevator, 120 N. Walnut St., Etna Green.

Hanes said they feel there’s a need for the pantry and hopes to fill that need.

Schmucker said the Church of Christ raised funds during its Vacation Bible School this year for the food pantry, but all the food for the pantry so far has come from Milford Food Bank.

Hanes said the food bank is open 24 hours every day. People can come in any time they want. Schmucker said people just need to adhere to the pantry’s rules, such as no one under the age of 18 is allowed in and limiting taking of certain items in the pantry.

Schmucker said there are security cameras in the area. Hanes said, hopefully, it won’t get to the point where the pantry has to be locked up.

Schmucker said the pantry offers items like canned foods. Hanes said they’re trying to get baby items like formula. The pantry does have some baby food like baby crackers. Schmucker said whatever food Milford Food Bank provides, they’ll have.

Hanes said there are containers throughout town so people can donate to the pantry. Schmucker said there should be some boxes near the pantry today that people can people put food into.

Hanes said there will containers at Winona Powder Coating, Gulf Stream and Etna Green Town Hall. She said people can donate anything they want to the pantry. The food has to be sealed, unless the food is fresh produce, Schmucker said.

The food pantry will also accept leftovers from people’s gardens as donations. Hanes said the pantry also will accept monetary donations.

Hanes said the pantry is for anyone that needs help. She hopes the pantry will help as many people as possible, “as many people that will come here and use it, we’ll help them.”

She said she hopes that people will know they will have a good hot meal by using the pantry. Schmucker said she hopes people will get food in their stomachs and feel love.