Father releases lengthy video from South Whitley body cam arrest

A screenshot from an officer's body cam shows Vivian Augustus being handcuffed during an incident in January.
By Dan Spalding
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SOUTH WHITLEY — A South Whitley father has released a more extensive version of an officer’s body cam involving the arrest of his daughter, a Columbia City High School senior.

A video of Vivian Augustus’s arrest, was posted by her father, Brent Augustus, that combines security camera footage from the gas station where the 18-year-old woman was pulled over in January for speeding and headlight infraction.

Brent Augustus posted the longer body cam video after town council said in a statement that they plan to release more footage after the women’s pending criminal charge is resolved.

Vivian Augustus was originally facing charges of speeding, failure to identify and resisting arrest. That has been reduced by the Whitley County Prosecutor’s Office to a single charge of failure to identify.

The new video includes a conversation between the officer, Brian Schimmel, and Brent Augustus.

You can see the original video posted by Brent Augustus here.

In a story by the Times-Union, town council suggested in a statement that Schimmel’s actions, while flawed, did not merit dismissal.

Brent Augustus has said he thinks the failure to identify charge should be dropped, saying its a waste of resources.