After a frigid start, February ends on a warm note

Sun setting over Winona Lake. (Photo: Nick Deranek/News Now Warsaw)

Believe it or not, Warsaw hit the 60 degree mark on Sunday.

This came on the back of temperatures staying below freezing for a little over two weeks, on top of a couple of decent snowstorms. Over the past week, most of that remaining snowpack has dwindled down to less than an inch in most spots.

Overall temperature wise, while things returned to normal last week, it was the coldest February in a few years. The average high was 28.2 degrees and the average low was 14.3, the coldest since 2015. Put the two together, the daily average temperature was 21.3 degrees, about six degrees below the normal.

As we enter March, average highs will go from 41 degrees today to 54 degrees on the 31st, while normal lows from 23 degrees up to 34 degrees.

Graph showing the observed highs and lows in February (bar) in comparison to normal temperatures (line and dot). (Graphic via Iowa State University,