Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo set to open Saturday

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo announced some new additions to their animals along with their newly remodeled monkey and otter exhibits.

This year the new Monkey Island features many trees and a new building for the monkeys to go in and out of.

The new otter exhibit features a stream for their two otters to play in.  It also has two dig pits in it, one with mulch and one with sand that they can dig in and look for stuff.  There is an underwater view and a machine inside of a rock that can be programmed to drop treats into the water to encourage some natural hunting behavior from the otters.  They also have a slide that the otters can use.

This year the zoo has a new penguin to add to its bunch.  Zuko was born in December of this past year.  Zuko is easy to tell apart as he has not yet molted.  They now have a total of 24 penguins.

Groupers, Yindi and Miki are new to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo.  You can find them in the Australian Reef.  The two groupers are in with a tiger shark and their black tip reef sharks.

Also recently added to their Indiana Family farm are Flemish rabbits, Sienna and Dahlia. The new pair will turn one-year-old in May of this year.  Dahlia weighs just under 13 pounds and Sienna comes in just under 12.  They are housed with a Pipkin rabbit who weighs just under four pounds.

Another popular animal is Asmara the four-year-old orangutan.  She is a toddler and is very active in her environment.  Asmara is very attached to her mother.  She is like any normal toddler and does not like to sit still.  Normally in the wild, the father will breed then leave the picture.  This is not really the case at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo as the father is in the same enclosure as Asmara so they interact quite frequently.

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo will be opening their doors on Saturday, April 27.