Four juveniles taken into custody after Milford break in

Four juveniles were taken into custody after breaking into a house in Milford, then trying to make a run for it.

Milford Police first responded to a possible break in at the 300 block of Williams Street Friday night. When they arrived, one juvenile was found inside the house, but the three others had gotten away. One returned to the scene during the investigation and was taken into custody there.

The Winona Lake Police Department’s canine unit alerted officers to a vehicle which had allegedly been driven to the scene by one of the fleeing suspects. Inside the car was marijuana, paraphernalia, and a large amount of tools.

A news release from the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department says the¬†tools were originally stolen from a location on Old Road 30 east, near the Kosciusko County Highway Department earlier in the spring.

In total, four juveniles were taken into custody in connection with the break in. The preliminary charges include possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, fleeing law enforcement, criminal mischief, and theft.