GOP chooses Thystrup to fill vacancy on North Webster Council

Republicans selected Dan Thystrup to fill the vacancy on the town council following the death of Jon Sroufe, who died Sept. 23 at the age of 76.

A caucus consisting of two Republican precinct committeemen chose Thystrup, a longtime businessman, over Eldonna Warren, but a second ballot was needed.

The two candidates were tied after the first vote, and party chairman Mike Ragan asked if they would like to try again.

If they had balked at a second vote, Ragan would have then had the authority to break the tie and choose the winner.

The two precinct committeemen – Larry Kinsey and Mark Grady – then cast a second vote, and the caucus held at the North Webster Community Building was over in less than 20 minutes.

Thystrup is owner of AdventureGlass, which manufactures and sells paddleboats. He and his wife, Pia, moved to the area about 30 years ago from Denmark.

He said they’ve always felt very welcomed in the community and serving on the town council is a chance to give back.

Both candidates spoke briefly before the vote.

Warren, a retired school secretary, said she did not have a specific agenda, but said she’d like to see some properties in town cleaned up.

“I just love this little town,” Warren said.

Thystrup asked a longtime friend, Garet Becker, to speak on his behalf.

Becker paid homage to Sroufe, who had been on the council for 13 years, mostly serving as president.

“Jon Sroufe was a friend of mine and he was a pillar to this community,” Becker said. “I’m sad that we’re here because of the loss of John.”

Becker said he believed Thystrup would extend his conservative fiscal business approach to town government.

He pointed out Thystrup is active in the community, especially with the Mermaid Festival parade.

“He serves. He serves with a heart,” Becker said.

In his remarks, Thystrup said he had been asked to run for the opening.

He said he believes in small and efficient government.

“This gives me a chance to give back to all of us to keep our town as great as I?think it is – and hopefully make it better,” he said.