Governor Pence Gives State Of The State Address

Governor Mike Pence delivered his 2015 State of the State remarks last night. Many from around the country tuned in, to hear the Governor give his third state of the state address,  because it's been rumored that he may be a potential candidate for President in 2016, but the Governor didn't say too much about next year, instead he focused on Indiana being the state that works.  He spent most of his address talking about improving Indiana schools, including boosts for charters and vouchers, but Governor Mike Pence also touched on some other topics during his 3rd State Of The State Address last night. He says there's been great progress in cutting taxes during the past couple of years, but he said “we need to simplify the tax code, prevent a rapid increase of property taxes on Indiana farmers, and we need to maintain a energy efficient strategy.” He says that strategy should include coal and that  lawmaker must do all they can to oppose the so-called schemes of the E.P.A. until the “war on coal” comes to an end.