Grant will pay for mural at Visitor Center

News Release

WARSAW — The Kosciusko County Convention & Visitors Bureau (KCCVB) has been awarded the IN Indiana Public Art Activation Grant for the creation of a new mural in the Visitor Center in Warsaw.

Last January, Indiana Destination Development Corporation (IDDC) launched the IN Indiana Public Art Activation Grant, the goal of which is to give local artists and communities the unique opportunities to create artwork and signage with the new IN Indiana brand incorporated into it.

During the grant application process, KCCVB reached out to multiple artists in the community for potential designs and chose the design created by Erica Deuel, the Owner of Spoonful of Imagination. Beth Williman, a local artist who works as Deuel’s assistant at Spoonful of Imagination, will also be working on the mural. Deuel is also the artist behind the Imagine Warsaw mural at 703 E Winona Ave.

“Both Beth and I are so excited to be a part of making a warm and welcoming mural that represents our community for the Visitors Bureau! Our community is a super special, beautiful place from the businesses and people all the way to the landmarks and nature elements. We aim to create a piece that captures that heartbeat and inspires others to keep imagining the possibilities, as we are better together!” Deuel said.

This new mural will appear inside the Visitor Center in Warsaw and is designed to represent the over 100 lakes in the county. It is also designed to be photogenic so visitors and residents alike will use it as a backdrop for their next social media post, helping promote the area further. This piece of art will be added to the All Things Art Map and the Public Art Trail Challenge Passport, drawing more people to the Visitor Center.

In addition to having the new IN Indiana identifier, this mural will also be Clearly Kosciusko branded. KCCVB plans on rebranding as Clearly Kosciusko in Spring of 2024, and this mural will help promote the Clearly Kosciusko message even further.

“We are absolutely thrilled to add this new piece of art to the Visitor Center to represent why the place to live, work, learn, and play is Clearly Kosciusko IN Indiana,” Cori Humes, Executive Director of KCCVB, said.

This mural will be completed by October.

For more information, email or call 574-269-6090.