Grose said Warsaw-Wayne fire budget won’t seek to use maximum levy

By Dan Spading
News Now Warsaw

WARSAW — Warsaw Mayor Jeff Grose indicated he and Fire Chief Brian Mayo will not seek to use the maximum amount of money under a levy sought by the Warsaw Wayne Fire territory.

Instead, Grose told News Now Warsaw that they’ll only seek to immediately use about $500,000 to $600,000 in its upcoming budget talks.

The maximum levy could provide more than a million in new revenue if the council chooses to use it all.

“We’re not going to go after all it all at once even though the argument could be there are needs to get us there sooner or later,” Grose said.

“We wanna be respectful to the council, we want to be respectful, obviously, to the taxpayers in the territory and do the responsible thing,” he said.

Grose made the comments during a taping of the public affairs show, In the Know, which is broadcast this weekend.

Grose also talked about the city’s plan to establish an outdoor drinking district.

Council signed off on the plan and Grose said it could be in place by the time the Fat & Skinny Tire Fest arrives in later this year.

While he supports the efforts and is confident problems will not arise, Grose said the council could keep a short leash on the policy — just in case.

The new policy is new territory for the city. Organizers have expressed confidence there will not be a problem. But it’s uncharted territory.

“If it doesn’t work out well, the common council can step back from it immediately,” Grose said.

Grose also talked about the pickleball noise issue at Kelly Park. You can hear In the Know this weekend on Kensington Digital Media Radio Stations.

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