Headlines Of Last Night’s Warsaw City Council Meeting

Warsaw City Council voted Monday against a request from Warsaw-Wayne Township Fire Chief Mike Brubaker to hire two additional firefighters. 
The vote was 4 to 2 with councilwoman Cindy Dobbins making a motion to approve the 2015 budget that did not include the firefighters seconded by Councilman Charlie Smith. Council members Jerry Frush and Jeff Grose also voted in support of the budget. Mike Klondaris, councilman, was absent.
 Council women Elaine Call and Diane Quance voted no against the budget that did not support hiring two additional firefighters, and felt the two additional firefighters should be hired.
Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer said the reasoning behind his recommendation not to hire the two additional firefighters was a means to keep the tax rate down.
“Delaying hiring two additional firefighters will help us get through a tough budget year,” Thallemer said.
Sheila Burner and Gordon Baker, Warsaw-Wayne Township Fire Department members, attended the meeting requesting the two additional firefighters be hired.
Brubaker said with the third fire station that will be built west of Warsaw Community Church the department could benefit from additional firefighters.
“We are an assurance policy that sits dormant until someone needs us,” Brubaker said.
Council members spoke about the issue.
“I agree with hiring two additional firefighters, but we have to cut some place,” Smith said.
Grose said he supported Thallemer’s request as chief executive administrator in holding off on hiring the two additional firefighters.
In other business the council approved 2015 non-profit budget requests and budget reductions.
The council approved non-profit requests including Animal Welfare League, $19,000; City-County Athletic Complex, $31,000; Kosciusko Area Bus Services, $18,500; Warsaw Community Development Corp., $12,600; Warsaw Housing Authority, $30,000; Housing Opportunities of Warsaw, $25,000 and Kosciusko County Lakes and Streams, $5,000.
Possible reductions in the 2015 budget include general, $937,425; aviation, $9,305; cemetery, $7,150; park and recreation, $58,050 and fire territory operating, $454,660; mayor general fund, $10,875 reductions; human resources, $13,000; clerk-treasurer, $5,000; common council general fund, $96,200; police, $310,000; street department, $470,170; building and planning, $32,180; fire territory, $454,660; parks and recreation, $58,050; oakwood cemetery, $7,150 and aviation, $9,305.

Thallemer informed the council Norfolk and Southern Railroad representatives met with Jeff Beeler, street superintendent, and James Emmans, city engineer, to inform them they will be working on repairs to the Ranch Road and Market Street railroad crossings next week.

(Story By The Times Union)