HELP projects include broadband, recreation and town improvements

By Dan Spalding
News Now Warsaw

WARSAW — Kosciusko County’s HELP initiative has unveiled specific plans set forth by three towns as well as one for the county.

Specific plans were drafted by representatives of each town as well as the county and are part of a new program organized by the state.

Each town as well as representatives for the county initiated a handful of projects that focus on wellness and quality of life. 

Some of the new projects are already connecting the dots to plans being set forth by the newly created county parks department.

Much of the work, including a complex arrangement of different funding sources, has been done by Amy Roe, Community Coordinator for what is officially known as the strategic investment plan.

Roe presented the plan to the county commissioners on Tuesday had will do the same Thursday with county council.

A few final hurdles still need to be cleared, but some of the work is expected to begin this year.

Details of the plan will be posted after Thursday’s county council meeting.

Here is a list of what’s been proposed.


  • Extending broadband internet service to the Sidney area.
  • Construction of a canoe and kayak launch at James Lake, which connects to the Tippecanoe River.
  • Construction of a  greenway stretching from Chinworth Bridge to Etna Green.
  • Establishment of a program that would promote community wellness.


  • Make improvements to Mentzer Park.
  • Establish a technology training program.
  • Establish a facade grant program for the downtown.
  • Improve sidewalks and lighting across all parts of the town.
  • Develop a downtown master plan.


  • Construct a pavilion in downtown that can be used for festivals.
  • Establishment of a wellness center.
  • Establishment of a business incubator.
  • Construction of a trailhead park.
  • A mural restoration project.
  • Replace outdated water meters.


  • Establish a downtown facade program.
  • Start a sidewalk improvement program.
  • Address water utility issues.