Holcomb grants clemency for terminal drug offender

Indiana Capital Chronicle
Staff Report

INDIANAPOLIS — Gov. Eric Holcomb on Monday granted clemency to Tommy Alsman, who was convicted in Posey County in 2019 of dealing methamphetamine.

He is currently serving a 10-year sentence but has been diagnosed with an inoperable stage four brain tumor.

The Indiana Department of Correction, through the warden and in agreement with the commissioner and chief medical officer, sought the clemency on Alsman’s behalf.

“With further attempts being considered futile, he is now considered to be in terminal condition with only weeks or a few months remaining to live,” the clemency executive order said. Alsman will require palliative and hospice care the rest of his life.

The Indiana Parole Board unanimously recommended the sentence commutation.

Holcomb essentially suspended the remaining part of the executed sentence and placed Alsman, 41, on parole.

“In the improbable event Alsman’s condition improves to the extent he becomes ambulatory, the original sentencing and commitment order of the trial court shall be reinstated,” the order said.