Holcomb raises concerns of domestic violence with stay-at-home order

Governor Eric Holcomb

Domestic violence has become a concern of Gov. Eric Holcomb’s as Hoosiers continue to abide by his stay-at-home order in order to help contain the coronavirus.

“By no means if you are in an unsafe environment right now should you remain there,” Holcomb said. “Please reach out. We have folks who want to help.”

While shelter-in-place orders are in effect across Indiana to keep people safe, those living in violent homes may find themselves in even more danger. New data shows domestic violence is increasing in Indianapolis as an unintended consequence of social distancing policies.

Holcomb ensures there are several state and local resources to help protect them and transition them into safer environments. Hoosiers can call 2-1-1 to be connected to resources near them.

“We do not want you in harms way whether its during this COVID-19 long experience or ones that have come before or after this,” he added.

Domestic Violence Network executive director Kelly McBride told 93 WIBC in late March China reported an increase in calls for help for domestic abuse as the virus outbreak spread there.

McBride said it’s not so much that being in close contact 24/7 makes an abuser lash out. It’s that the effects of self-quarantining can aggravate the tendencies that make someone abusive in the first place.