Hoosiers encouraged to file taxes electronically soon

(Source: https://goo.gl/3Y2t7n License: https://goo.gl/OOAQfn)

The State of Indiana is encouraging Hoosiers to file their taxes electronically before the April 15 deadline.

There’s slightly more than a month to go before the filing deadline, and the state’s Department of Revenue says more than 1.4 million people have already filed their 2018 returns, with 930,000 getting a refund.

Most e-returns are being processed in less than 11 days, according to DOR officials.

Also, the amount of stolen identity tax refund fraud has been reduced by 99% since 2014, from $88 million to less than $1 million, but Hoosiers are encouraged to remain vigilant about the possibility of identity theft and how it could impact their returns.