Icy Weather Making For Dangerous Road Conditions

Several area schools are closed today and many others delayed due to icy weather conditions this morning. There have been several slide-offs already due to icy roads. Please use caution while driving this morning and make sure to give yourself plenty of time to stop. The good news is that by this afternoon temperatures should be in the upper 30's, however the Indiana Department of Homeland Security is reminding Hoosiers to be vigilant as the potential for rain moves into the state. Rain can saturate snow, making already significant accumulations even heavier. Wet snow can tax structures, especially roofs that are flat or only have a slight pitch. Another concern is the potential for flooding, which can develop quickly. Some of the significant floods to strike Indiana have occurred during late February and early March. You're also encouraged to clear nearby storm drains. Warming temperatures and the potential for rain can accelerate snowmelt. Cleared drains help water move away from properties, lessening the potential for flooding.