Indiana among states seeing the biggest jump in gas prices

The state of Indiana is joining the rest of the country in feeling the sting of increasing gas prices.

Petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan says gas prices are up in all 50 states, but Florida, California, Nevada, Oregon, Georgia, Washington, and Indiana saw the biggest jump.

Indiana’s average price for unleaded gasoline is $2.69, up about two-and-a-half cents from last week.

“The national average is up seven-cents to $2.70 a gallon,” DeHaan said. “That’s the highest average we’ve seen in 142 days.”

The most expensive gas in the state is in Indianapolis at $2.89 a gallon. The cheapest, as of Monday morning, is $2.07 at a Speedway in West Lafayette. The cheapest in Indianapolis is $2.54 at a BP station along Emerson Avenue near I-70 on the east side.

“Much of the story behind the jump remains the same,” DeHaan added. “Refineries are performing routine maintenance, which is putting a hamper on the production of gasoline.”

DeHaan also said refineries are switching from the winter blend of gasoline to the more expensive summer blend.