Indiana DNR urges people to stay away from rare bird’s nests

Wildlife officials are urging bird-watchers and other visitors to Indiana’s wildlife areas to steer clear of a federally endangered bird’s nesting sites.

The state Department of Natural Resources says it’s important to give the interior least tern plenty of space. The rare birds are about eight inches long with a black “crown” on their head, a snow-white underside, grayish back and wings, orange legs and a black-tipped yellow bill.

DNR bird biologist Allisyn Gillet says the birds nest on the ground on islands or sandbars in Indiana from late spring to early summer.

Nesting sites at southern Indiana’s Goose Pond Fish & Wildlife Area, the Cane Ridge Wildlife Management Area and the Tern Bar Slough are marked with restricted-access signs and visitors should stay at least 200 yards away.