Indiana, Purdue trustees officially finalize IPFW split

The fate of IPFW has been sealed.

The boards of trustees of both Indiana and Purdue Universities approved realignment plans that would split IPFW into separate Indiana and Purdue campuses.

Both schools approved the plan to do so late last year; the action makes the formal transfer of programs official and allows for a one-year transition period, with the realignment fully taking effect on July 1st, 2018.

Purdue will take over the majority of the Fort Wayne campus, which will be named Purdue University Fort Wayne. Indiana University Fort Wayne will focus on health science programs.

“From the time we received the state recommendation that led to the Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne realignment effort, hundreds of people have worked tirelessly to bring to reality a vision of a stronger and more focused campus that better serves the educational and economic development needs of this important region of the state,” said Purdue and IU presidents Mitch Daniels and Michael McRobbie in a joint statement. “We are extremely grateful to faculty and staff at IPFW, Purdue and IU, as well as to members of the Fort Wayne community, for all of the thoughtful input and support we have received. The set of agreements approved today provides the foundation for a reinvigorated educational endeavor that reinforces our commitment to Fort Wayne and that will serve its students and northeast Indiana for generations to come.”

The key agreements on the plan are below:

* Provide a road map for the 2017-18 transition year by outlining various measures for the transfer of programs, personnel and property between institutions in accordance with the realigned academic mission areas. For example, the universities agree to certain transfers of real estate they now hold jointly, with the land underneath the medical education building going to Indiana University and the land under other campus buildings going to Purdue.

* Provide an outline for the delivery of general education courses by Purdue for the benefit of IU health sciences students going forward. In addition, the agreements provide for the delivery of health science courses by IU for the benefit of current Purdue nursing, dental education and medical imaging students through 2021 under a “teach-out” mechanism.

* Outline Purdue’s delivery of services, such as housing, parking and IT resources, to the faculty, staff and students within the IU academic mission areas, as well as the charges and cost reimbursement for those services.

* Provide the terms and rates for the lease of space on the campus by Indiana University.