Indiana ranks low in eco-friendly study

By blahedo - Self-photographed, CC BY-SA 2.5,

Earth Day is right around the corner and WalletHub has released a report on 2018’s Greenest States.

Indiana is ranked 42nd overall.

Rankings were based on the following:

  • Environmental Quality 
    • Total Municipal Solid Waste per Capita
    • Air Quality
    • Water Quality
    • Soil Quality
    • Energy-Efficient Score
  • Eco-Friendly Behaviors
    • Green Buildings per Capita
    • Total Capacity of Solar PV Systems Installed per Household
    • Share of Renewable Energy Consumption
    • Energy Consumption per Capita
    • Gasoline Consumption (in Gallons) per Capita
    • Daily Water Consumption per Capita
    • Share of “Smart” Electricity Meters
    • Alternative-Fuel Vehicles per Capita
    • Alternative-Fuel Stations per Capita
    • Green Transportation
    • Average Commute Time by Car
    • Share of Recycled Municipal Solid Waste
    • Certified Organic Farms per Capita
    • Corporate Clean Energy Procurement Index Score
  • Climate-Change Contributions
    • Carbon-Dioxide Emissions per Capita
    • Methane Emissions per Capita
    • Nitrous-Oxide Emissions per Capita
    • Fluorinated Greenhouse-Gas Emissions per Capita

Indiana ranked 27th in Environmental Quality, 46th in Eco-Friendly Behaviors and 42nd in Climate-Change Contributions.

Indiana also tied with Arizona for 46th place concerning Lowest Air Quality.

The top five greenest states in America are Vermont, Oregon, Massachusetts, New York and South Dakota.

The lowest-ranking state is West Virginia.