INDOT Winter Safety Reminders For Drivers

INDOT is reminding drivers to remember that driving in winter conditions requires a slight retraining of our brains. The first snow always brings the potential for bad news behind the wheel, and the biggest wildcard is that you never know how everyone else is going to react to the conditions. Now that the first big snowfall of the season is over, here are a number of things YOU can do to be safer on the winter roads for future snowfall this year. For starters, remember that the faster you’re going, the longer it takes to stop. Accelerate slowly so you don't slip or slide. Give yourself space. It takes extra time and extra distance to bring your car to a stop. Leave extra room for braking and never slam on the brakes. Firmly press down on anti-lock brakes and hold, and gently pump the pedal if you don’t have anti-lock brakes. Also avoid using cruise control or any abrupt steering maneuvers, which could cause your vehicle to slide. Finally, watch the other drivers. Their reactions to situations you haven't seen yet will give you more time to react and slow down.