Initial Hearing Set for Rovenstine

Kosciusko County Sheriff Aaron Rovenstine is scheduled to appear in Kosciusko County Circuit Court for an initial hearing March 17.
Rovenstine is represented by James Voyles, of Voyles Zahn & Paul of Indianapolis. Voyles can choose to waive this initial hearing, but could not be reached to confirm if he would waive it or not.
Rovenstine was indicted on 10 felony charges Monday, including bribery, intimidation and official misconduct. Until he is convicted of any charges, he can choose how he wants to best serve Kosciusko County, according to Stephen Luce, executive director of the Indiana Sheriff’s Association. At this time, Rovenstine is still acting sheriff.
Under state law, Rovenstine can choose to temporarily step down, in which case the chief deputy, Capt. Rocky Goshert, would act as sheriff, Luce said. If Rovenstine chooses to resign, Kosciusko County Republican Party chair Randy Girod would hold a caucus to find a replacement for the remainder of Rovenstine’s term.
Voyles joined his firm in 1968, after serving as clerk for Indiana Attorney General John Dillon. He is an active member of the Indianapolis Bar Association, American Bar Association, American College of Trial Lawyers and the National Association of Criminal Defense Committee, among others.
Voyles is recognized as one of the most powerful attorneys in Indiana, according to WTHR of Indianapolis. One of the highlights of his career was in 1992 when he served as local counsel in the Mike Tyson rape trial with D.C. Prosecutor Vince Fuller. He also represented former Indianapolis athletes Stephen Jackson, Dominic Rhodes, Jamaal Tinsley, Pat McAfee and basketball coach Bobby Knight.
Also indicted in this case were Grace College Professor Mark Soto and former Aryan Brotherhood leader Kevin Bronson. Nothing has been scheduled in court for either of these individuals yet. E. Nelson Chipman, Marshall County Prosecutor, is acting as special prosecutor in this case.