IU Professor Standing By Recent Comments

(Photo supplied/Indiana University)

INDIANAPOLIS — On Facebook, he said things like homosexuals shouldn’t teach grade and high school and that women are destroying academia. IU professor Eric Rasmusen is standing by what he said even after drawing criticism from his colleagues and students.

Rasmusen says he is a conservative and Christian and that his beliefs are in the minority on the IU campus in Bloomington.

“Bloomington is interesting because it is front line on the cultural wars. We have a powerful gay community here and lots of county folk who have been here for 200 years, so that makes for a lively scene,” Rasmusen said.

He added that his comments are sparking debate among students and staff which he says is a good thing.

“In economics, we expect vigorous debate and objection and critique,” he said. “We think that is a good thing because it helps us find the weaknesses in what we write so we can improve them.”

The school says they can’t fire Rasmusen because the comments were on his personal social media accounts which are protected by the first amendment. Still, some students are concerned the comments from the professor could damage the reputation of the Kelley School of Business.

Rasmusen said his comments are driving debate, whether people like it or not.

“Even if you disagree with me as to whether it is good for the university to have one conservative professor, however wrong he may be, alongside the thousand liberal professors however right you think they are, maybe diversity is actually a good thing for student, right?”

Rasmusen said he welcomes a face-to-face conversation with anyone who disagrees with him.