JCAP visited by G&G Hauling; get set for graduation on Friday

Photo Provided: Kosciusko County Sheriff's Office
Friday night the men and women in JCAP had the privilege of having G and G Hauling come talk to them about the history of the company, exactly what they do day to day and how working as a team helps to get everything accomplished.  Highlights from the presentation included the G and G core values: Community, Character, Communication, Capability.  Mike Loher, Jo Kateule, Megan Carr, Charlie Bird and Silas Chapman spoke about their specific job duties and how one person relies on the other.
G and G hauling was started in 1966 by Thomas Groninger with only 2 employees, in the past 50 plus years they have grown to employ nearly 75 and have over 110 pieces of heavy equipment.  In 1991 the company was passed down to Groningers sons Cary and Richard. G and G does design and engineering work, estimating, surveying job site set-up, project management and gravel pit operations-and so much more!  Mike Loher shared some interesting facts about the company. G and G drivers log nearly 1,174,000 miles each year and their equipment will move approximately 250,000 cubic yards of dirt and stone. Silas shared his history with the company, he started with a shovel 15 years ago and worked his way up, he’s now a project manager and does quarterly employee evaluations.
Photo Provided: Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Office

The underlying theme of the evening was: hard work pays off!  Jo Kateule talked about values and motivation to be the best they can be in order to best represent the company and keep those repeat customers coming back. “We want to give back to our community, and we value what JCAP is doing and we have seen the changes in past graduates.”

The Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Office and JCAP are so thankful for the support of G and G Hauling. The time they spent with our JCAP participants will not soon be forgotten.  “We strive to instill community values in our participants, having these 4 G and G employees spend a Friday evening with our men and women shows how much the community values their success” said Courtney Jenkins, JCAP coordinator.
This group of men and women will graduate this Friday the 23rd of October.  The ceremony will be live-streamed to the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page beginning at 1:00 for all to watch.