Judge Denies Change of Venue for Woody

Details of Brandon Woody’s jury trial are set, with little chance of changing.
Brandon Woody, 22, of 605 W. North St., Syracuse, was charged with murder for the deaths of Tara Thornburg, 23, and Joshua Knisley, 19, both of Syracuse. Judge Michael Reed denied Woody’s attorneys change of venue motion Tuesday, according to Kosciusko County court records.
Attorneys Joseph Sobek and Scott Lennox had claimed that Woody would not receive a fair trial in Kosciusko County due to extensive press coverage of the incident and Woody’s criminal history.
Kosciusko County prosecutors recently filed to join the trials of Woody and the two other men charged for the murders, Thomas Hursey, 27, and Kyle Dehart, 22. This motion aims to try all three individuals at the same time as they are all charged with the same offenses. Reed is expecting to hear the motion on Jan. 21.
Woody’s case is set for a seven day jury trial at 8:30 a.m. April 28 before Reed in Kosciusko County Circuit Court with a jury from Kosciusko County.

(Story By The Times Union)