Jurors Acquit Criminal For Acting In Self Defense

Jurors have acquitted a southern Indiana man of criminal charges for killing a man when he drove truck over him after a bar fight. The defense attorney for 25-year-old Jacob Tolbert of Elizabethtown maintained that Tolbert was acting in self-defense and that he didn't intend to hit 27-year-old Thomas Brazzell of Vallonia. The Republic reports a Bartholomew County jury on Thursday found Tolbert not guilty of reckless homicide and other charges for Brazzell's death in April 2013. Authorities say the men were kicked out of a Columbus bar and continued their fight outside. Police say Brazzell grabbed onto Tolbert's pickup truck but fell off when Tolbert accelerated and was run over when Tolbert backed up. Prosecutors argued that Tolbert was careless and could've avoided running over Brazzell.