Jurors Heard From Firefighters Who Tried To Rescue Man From A Fire

Two firefighters told jurors they could see and touch a man trapped in his burning basement after an Indianapolis explosion but they couldn't rescue him because the fire moved too fast.

The firefighters testified Tuesday in the trial of 46-year-old Mark Leonard, who is charged with murder, arson and other charges in the house explosion that damaged or destroyed more than 80 homes in 2012.

Firefighter Richard Shirven says the opening was too small to rescue John “Dion” Longworth. Shirven says Longworth pleaded with firefighters to get him out.

Fire Lt. Dean Teagarden said he tried to take his mask off to get closer, but the fire was too hot. Shirven said where Longworth was became a ball of flame. Longworth and his wife, Jennifer, died in the fire.