K21 Awards $300K Grant Toward Winona Lake Limitless Park

WINONA LAKE – The K21 Health Foundation (K21) awarded a grant of $300,000 toward the expansion and planned completion of Winona Lake’s Limitless Park, a universally accessible place for people of all abilities to enjoy.

The town of Winona Lake’s vision for the park is to create a space that embraces the beauty of the surrounding environment and engages everyone in “limitless” play, according to a news release from K21.

The initial fundraising goal for the Limitless Park campaign is $500,000, which must be achieved by June 1 for the project to qualify for a grant match from the Land Water Conservation Fund from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. With K21’s significant grant and contributions from other donors and organizations, the remaining need is approximately $80,000. Completion of the park will include additional, universally accessible play equipment and barrier-free water access, making the park an all-abilities recreation destination for Kosciusko County and beyond, the release states.

“With their support in the past, we felt we could ask K21 to help us move our goals forward to completion and spread the word about the importance of this project,” says Holly Hummitch, town of Winona Lake park director. “We are now asking our community to join in, so that we can advance our vision and provide an inclusive park for the community and future generations to enjoy.”

According to an American Community Survey, 13.7% of individuals living in Kosciusko County have a disability.

“Many children and adults cannot fully enjoy the beautiful parks and outdoor spaces in our county,” said K21 President and CEO Rich Haddad. “K21 is committed to empowering all people in our community to pursue sustainable wellness, particularly through healthy and active lifestyles. We are proud to partner with the Town of Winona Lake to bring this idea to life – but we need the community’s support to make it happen.”

The vision for Winona Lake’s Limitless Park began in 2011, and its planning and works started in 2014. The next phases of development will begin soon, pending a successful fundraising campaign.

For more details about Limitless Park, including information on how to donate, visit winonalake.net. To learn about K21’s community work and current projects, visit K21healthfoundation.org.