K21 Health Foundation Renews Grant Funding To Assist Special Needs Children

The K21 Health Foundation recently awarded a grant of $55,500 to Joe’s Kids, a non-profit pediatric rehabilitation clinic in Warsaw.
This funding supports K21 Health’s mission to ensure health care services are provided to Kosciusko County citizens.
The grant was awarded to Joe’s Kids to purchase additional therapy equipment and provide operational funding for the clinic. The K21 Health Foundation has been a strong partner with Joe’s Kids for more than a year, according to a provided press release.
The K21 Health Foundation’s support of Joe’s Kids, which provides physical, speech and occupational therapy to children with disabilities, shows their dedication to the special families in Kosciusko County, the press release states.
Executive Director Rebecca Bazzoni said, “We are incredibly thankful for the continued support of K21 Health Foundation. We feel blessed to serve these special families, and financial gifts from our community make that possible.  Together, we can make a difference in the lives of families in and around Kosciusko County. Without the support of K21, we would not be able to serve the 120-plus families we currently see.”
“We have been astonished at the growth of Joe’s Kids,” said K21 President and CEO Rich Haddad. “But sometimes it takes passionate people stepping out, as well as community support, to meet what we know is a need before seeing how great that need really is. It is exciting that our support of this organization has helped so many families in our community who previously had to drive to Fort Wayne or South Bend to receive these critical therapies. We look forward to continuing our partnership so these children can keep receiving these much-needed services close to home.”
To learn more about Joe’s Kids, visit www.joes-kids.org
To learn more about the K21 Health Foundation, visit http://www.k21foundation.org

(Story By The Times Union)