KCSO announces new Jail Chaplain, LITE jail ministry program

(photo supplied / Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Office)

The Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Office has announced that Pastor Jarod Osborne is the new official Jail Chaplain of the Kosciusko County Jail.

Pastor Osborne comes from the Warsaw Pathway Church and shares the Sheriff’s vision of a team approach according to an official release. All Kosciusko County churches are invited to partner in this ministry.

The new jail ministry program, Living In Transition Effectively (LITE) will be serving as a re-entry program for all inmates.

Officials say it will provide instruction in life skills, bible studies, and educational classes as well as providing connections to counseling services and family building programs. Inmates will complete an assessment to determine their needs and connect them with courses, programs, and services; inmates may also sign up for classes they are interested in. LITE’s focus will be building relationships with the inmates throughout their stay in KCJ that will better equip them upon their release. As a re-entry program we are equipping them to be what God has made them to be so that they will have a better opportunity for a successful future.

LITE will rely on individuals in the community to lead classes & programs, mentor inmates, facilitate Bible studies, assist inmates in setting goals, etc. Many of the classes, resources, and programs to be utilized are already in place so LITE will merely be collaborating with existing resources. Every LITE volunteer will be required to go through
training, and background check before being granted access to the KCJ.

The program will officially launch by April 1, but there are a few classes which are currently
being offered which will continue and a couple more scheduled to be launched prior to that. New programs and classes will also be added as the program itself grows.

For more information, contact Tammy Cotton, Program Coordinator, at cotton.tammy@gmail.com or 574-528-1602.