Kevin Bronson pleads guilty, redirects focus at former Sheriff

Focus has turned once again to former Kosciusko Sheriff Aaron Rovenstine, this time at a plea hearing for Kevin Bronson.

After pleading guilty to a single count of felony corrupt business influence, The Times Union reports Bronson said Rovenstine was aware of the illegal activities that Bronson was doing in the jail.

Special Prosecutor Nelson Chipman suggests the public doesn’t know the whole story.

“The story is continuing to come out and reach closure step by step,” Chipman explained. “As I have said for months, if it’s not over in a year, the good people of Kosciusko County need to know the full story.”

Bronson was indicted with Rovenstine and former Grace College professor Mark Soto in February 2016. Bronson, who faced 10 felony counts, pleaded guilty to one count with the other nine being dropped.

Under the plea agreement, Bronson will serve seven years at Elkhart Community Corrections, with credit for time served.

As part of the agreement, Bronson must testify against Soto, if Soto’s case goes trial.

Sentencing for Bronson is set for September 29.