Kids at Riley Children’s Hospital keeping in good spirits during pandemic

(logo supplied / Riley Children's Hospital)

Some people choose not to wear masks. Kids who are patients at Riley Children’s Health are keeping safe, and in some cases are doing it better than the adults, says Ann Hannan, head of the Riley Cheer Guild.

“We have actually been really surprised by the resiliency of these children,” said Hannan. When they have been told that this is to keep them safe, they have really taken it in stride and almost been more easily adaptable than the adults have been.”

She said the staff have been trained to help the kids cope.

“Our staff members have taken steps to make sure that kids feel safe and warmly welcomed by putting pictures of themselves on big tags so that kids can see what their faces look like without a mask on,” said Hannan.

She said the team members and the kids have built a rapport.

“They really just have trusted our team members to keep them safe and have really been role models to the rest of us on how to roll and go with the flow.”