Kosciusko County counts two more additional COVID-19 cases in Thursday update

Two more positive cases of COVID-19 were reported in Kosciusko County in their daily update on Thursday. This brings the county total up to 53.

No new deaths or recoveries were reported, keeping the totals at one death and 20 recoveries.

On Wednesday, the ISDH released preliminary findings about COVID-19 from the random sample testing conducted by ISDH and the IUPUI Fairbanks School of Public Health. Here are a few clippets of interesting information from their release:
  • Between April 25 and May 1, 4,600 Hoosiers were tested as part of the study of random sample testing conducted by the ISDH and Fairbanks School of Public Health.
  • Of those 4,600 individuals, 3,600 were randomly selected and 900 were recruited through outreach to African American and Hispanic communities.
  • 1.7% of participants tested positive for the novel coronavirus 
  • 1.1% of participants tested positive for antibodies
  • The estimated population prevalence of the virus in Indiana is 2.8% or 186,000 Hoosiers who were actively or previously infected as of May 1.
  • The state’s testing is suggestive that only 1 of every 11 true infections were identified by tests.
  • IUPUI scientists estimate the infection-fatality rate in Indiana to be 0.58%.
  • This makes the infection-fatality rate for the novel coronavirus SIX times more deadly than the seasonal flu.
  • 45% of the positive testing participants reported no symptoms.
  • Hispanics, African Americans, and those who identify as bi-racial have higher positive rates for the virus.
  • The next random sample testing is planned for early June, October, and April 2021.
You can find the whole news release here.