Kosciusko County Deputy honored for 20 year with Indiana Sheriffs’ Association Youth Leadership Camp

(photo supplied / Kosciusko County Sheriff's Office)

Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Rager was honored in Indianapolis for 20 years of service with the annual Indiana Sheriffs’ Association Youth Leadership Camp.

Deputy Rager began assisting at the camp in 1999, while serving as a patrolman with the North Webster Police Department.

Deputy Rager’s role with the camp has evolved throughout the years, to the point where he now serves an essential role with the operational functions of the program.

The Indiana Sheriffs’ Youth Leadership Camp, founded in 1980, was established by sheriffs in order to aid and enhance the development of the state’s youth. T

he program is designed to achieve three basic objectives. First, the sheriffs want to foster a stronger relationship between our state’s youth and the men and women who enforce the laws. Second, the sheriffs want to give children, who ordinarily would not have the opportunity, a chance for a summer camp experience. Third, to give youth a chance to build character and inspire leadership skills.