Kosciusko County Detectives Warning Residents Of Scam

Detectives from the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department are warning us of a local telephone scam that appears to have resurfaced from last winter. Officers have been receiving reports that local residents have been called by people portraying themselves as representing the local police or sheriff’s departments. The caller attempts to deceive the resident by advising them that they have some type of outstanding court cost or fines.

A second variation of the story is that suspects are telling potential victims that they have missed a court date or jury duty and that a warrant will be issued for their arrest.  In both cases, the callers have been using the names of real court officials and law enforcement officers, and say the solution is to buy a pre-paid credit card, which requires the victim turning over their financial information. Remember, the county court system and sheriff’s department do not contact people over the telephone regarding such matters, and payments for court cost/fines/warrants MUST be made in person at the Kosciusko County Justice Building.