Kosciusko County man sentenced at age 15 requests reduction

Colt Lundy's mugshots, then and now.

A Kosciusko County man who was sentenced to 25 years in prison at age 15 is asking for a sentence reduction.

Colt Lundy is now 23 years old. He’s serving time after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit murder in connection to the 2010 shooting death of Phillip Danner.

Lundy and another boy involved in the shooting were both 12 at the time. The shooting was part of a plan to run away and sell t-shirts to get by, according to court documents, but first the boys decided to kill Lundy’s stepfather by shooting the man as he walked into his home.

Now Lundy is asking to serve the rest of his sentence on home detention, on the grounds of good behavior.

His request will go before a judge on October 4.

Darrin Wright contributed to this story.