Kosciusko County mom back in jail for refusing to bring her daughter to prison

A Kosciusko County woman will do time for refusing to bring her 7-year-old daughter to prison.

Samuel Davis Jr. is serving a 15 year sentence for driving drunk and killing a passenger, but he was able to successfully petition from prison to win monthly court-ordered visits from his daughter.

Still, 28-year-old Jennifer Logan tells WNDU she’s refusing to take her child to the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility for the visits.

β€œHe had his visitation, like contact visits taken away from September 25th to August 20th, and he said β€˜I don’t have contact visits, but you can still bring her and I can still visit with her.’ And I wasn’t sure what that meant, like video visitation? And that’s what it was, and I said why would I video visit with you in the prison, come there 400 miles away and spend all this money when I could do it on a computer.”

Traveling to the jail from Logan’s Atwood home is a nearly 450 mile round trip, according to the Times Union. She says she doesn’t have a car and cannot afford the trips.

She’s already put in 32 days during three previous incarcerations, and during this fourth she’s sentenced to 21 days.