Kosciusko County Prosecutor reviews case involving fired county employee

(photo supplied / Times Union)

Prosecutors are mulling whether to charge a former home detention officer who was lost his job after removing an ankle monitor.

Patrick Olson was fired from his position as a home detention officer Oct. 4.

According to Kosciusko County personnel records, Olson was fired for “removal of an ankle bracelet” and “neglect of duties and dishonest actions.”

The personnel report was released Monday after an open records request by the Times-Union. The report does not explain Olson’s motivation for removing the bracelet or who he removed the monitor from.

Kosciusko County Prosecutor Dan Hampton said the investigation is ongoing.

Hampton declined to comment further but said he expects to make a decision whether to charge Olson in about two weeks.

Community Corrections Coordinator Anna Bailey made the announcement at the Community Corrections Advisory Board meeting Oct. 9. At the meeting, Bailey gave no details on why Olson was fired.

Olson began at Kosciusko Community Corrections in April 2017.

Previously, Olson worked for the Kosciusko County Prosecutor’s Office.

Olson’s annual salary was $37,565 at the time of his firing.

Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department jailer and court security Paul Nowak was hired to take Olson’s place. Nowak is scheduled to begin his job Thursday.