Kosciusko County Prosecutor’s Office warns of contractor scams

("workbench" by Doug Noon, CC BY-SA 2.0)

March 4-10 is National Consumer Protection Week, and the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney in Kosciusko County wants residents to be aware of some red flags.

“Repair your home and that’s a good thing. Lost dollars on shoddy or nonexistent repairs is a bad thing,” Kosciusko County Prosecutor Daniel Hampton explains. “National Consumer Protection Week is a time to learn to be a good consumer and not a victim.”

A press release from Hampton’s office says warning signs that can help you spot a scam include cash-only deals, high pressure sales tactics, high upfront payments, and handshake deals without a contract.

“Citizens should be cautious if someone you’ve never seen before says they are working in your neighborhood and claims to have leftover supplies,” says Hampton. “Always ask for references from anyone working on your home and follow up by speaking to other customers or going to see the quality of work performed.”

Hampton’s office says those who think they may have been scammed should try to get the suspected contractor’s license plate or other identifying information, then call police.

Prosecutor Hampton wants to remind residents to be cautious with personal information and employ a healthy skepticism as a form of protection.