Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Office warns of telephone scam

(Carli Luca/ News Now Warsaw)

A telephone scam is currently circulating Kosciusko County.

On Saturday, the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Office received reports of the attempted telephone scam in which the suspects falsely identified themselves as “Captain Kenny” and “Sergeant Newsome” with the Sheriff’s Department.

The suspects allegedly requested $4,000 in Google Play cards in order to satisfy an outstanding arrest warrant. The scammers requested the money be taken to a kiosk at the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Office.

Due to current technology, the scammers were able to make it appear as if they calls were being made locally. A second call even displayed “Kosciusko County Sheriff” on the caller ID.

Officers warn a caller ID does not actually appear when telephone calls originate from county extensions. “Captain Kenny” and “Sergeant Newsome” also do not match any current employees at the Sheriff’s Office.

Anyone receiving suspicious phone calls is asked to limit the information they provide, and to contact local law enforcement if there is fraudulent activity.