Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Reserve Academy Graduates Thirteen Officers

KCSD Press Release – Thirteen reserve officers recently graduated from the annual Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Reserve Academy after several months of specialized training.  Officers from various departments in and near-by Kosciusko County completed over 200 hours of training.  The intense training included areas such as defensive tactics, firearms, traffic law, first aid, crash investigation, criminal law, and community police.  Class instructors came from various police departments throughout the county to assist in the training sessions.

Sheriff Aaron Rovenstine stated that the officers graduating from this years’ academy class came from such agencies as Marshal County, Milford, North Manchester, Grace College, Nappanee, Bourbon, and Kosciusko County.  Rovenstine also stated that the K.C.S.D. Reserve Academy was established in 1998, after officers had attended the Whitley County Reserve Academy.  On various years, academy classes will still alternate between Whitley and Kosciusko County, to provide specialized training to local, reserve law enforcement officers.