Kosciusko County up to 14 COVID cases

Kosciusko County positive tests through Monday, April 6th. (Data provided: Kosciusko County Health Department)

The Kosciusko County Health Department released on Monday afternoon that two more positive cases have been reported, bringing the county total up to 14.

Officials provided data regarding the symptoms for those positive cases when those people were initially tested. According to the data, 93% of positive cases experienced a cough, 64% experienced fevers, 57% experienced shortness of breath (SOB), and 50% experienced muscle aches (myalgia).

Graph breaking down initial symptoms for those testing positive for COVID-19 in Kosciusko County. (Data by: Kosciusko County Health Department)

The other thing released shows the difference between the new and old “infectious period” by the ISDH. The new infectious period is determined as “48 hours before symptom onset AND seven days after symptom onset AND 72 hours fever free, without fever reducing medication.” The old definition did not include the 48 hours before.”